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Filigrana (Console)

Filigrana is a piece with a magnificent and elaborate handwork. Bessa was inspired by the luxurious heritage of Portuguese jewelry to create this piece. The drawers worked in filigree mark the excellence of the piece! Pure handmade jewelry crafted by the most experienced Portuguese artisans. The front of each drawer has one key-shaped handle that was distinctively worked and plated with fine gold. This is a unique piece that astonishes one by the delicacy and refinement of its extraordinary details. The base of the table is made of solid brass and was inspired by a jewelry bracelet. Filigrana is a piece of extreme elegance with a sublime touch of luxury introduced by the Portuguese filigree.

Materials: Fine silver in filigree ancient technique + 24-karat fine gold plated, hand-polished brass base + anti-stain varnish, lacquered MDF, velvet drawer interiors, extra clear tempered glass.

Dimensions: W 120cm (47,25") H 86,5cm (34,06") D 40cm (15,75")