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Chess (REF 904) (Center table)

Limited edition 1/50

Chess was invented in Asia about 1500 years ago but it was in the XIII century that modern chess was born and implanted in Europe. The Chess Table is inspired by the chess board and the games most important move, the checkmate! The Chess Table depicts the ultimate play in which the Horse defeats the King, who metaphorically melts into a space that recreates a battlefield. These pieces were designed by Bessa and hand carved. A piece of art and design that recreates one of the most ancestral and strategic games of civilization.

Materials: Polished brass + anti-stain varnish, mdf structure, walnut root veneer + high gloss varnish.

Dimensions: W 145cm (57.09") H (table top) 31cm (12.21") + (horse) 29cm (11.42") D 145cm (57.09")


This piece was showcased in our latest show in Paris, Sept 2019. Find out more - CLICK HERE