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Antique (Cabinet)

The Antique Cabinet evokes the old pieces that we want to redeem for our contemporary homes. These old pieces are unique due to the memories that they arouse in us and due to the techniques of production used, which have been lost in the process of industrialization. With its battered appearance, the Antique Cabinet tops record the passage of time. The classic frieze reinforces the connection with the past, contrasting with the general contemporary appearance. And the handles, created with several antique decorative elements, are unusual and exquisite pieces that make the cabinet a dazzling piece.

Materials: Bronze tempered glass, polished brass + varnish, walnut root veneer + high gloss varnish, mdf structure.

Dimensions: H. 186cm | 73,2'' W. 95cm | 37,4'' D. 50cm | 19,6''