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Moai (REF 208) (Console)

Limited edition 1/50

The Moai, also known as the Great Heads or the Naoki, are 887 colossal statues in stone located on Easter Island. These beautiful creations are wrapped in mystery and there are several theories around their existence. For some, the Moai were an homage to the ancestors and the gods. For others, especially the Moai that have "hats" (Pukao), served as lightning rods. What is certain is that the incidence of lightning on the island is high, and at night or on days of low light, the Moai are illuminated when charged with lightning energy. The Moai are one of the most mysterious and striking cultural manifestations and served as inspiration for Bessa to create a limited edition piece. A creation that preserves the mysterious stories and unique memories of a civilization that we can only imagine.

Materials: Hand-polished brass and anti-stain varnish, bronze tempered glass.

Dimensions: W 165cm (64.97") H 85cm (33.47") D 40cm (15.75")