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Pergamo (REF 1600) (Suspension lamp)

Parchment is the name of animal skin prepared to be written on, or the actual document written on such material. The word parchment evolved from the name of the Greek city Pergamon, which is believed by some to have been the epicenter of this invention. Used by ancient people to record important data, parchment is today a historical treasure. The delicacy and characteristics of the parchment make it a rare and precious object. Bessa recreated an old and deteriorated parchment in a sculptural piece of art and design to recover the history of such remarkable material.

Materials: Hammered polished brass + varnish, acrylic.

Dimensions: Width 102cm (40.16”) Ø 9cm (3.55”)


This piece was showcased in our latest show in Paris, Sept 2019. Find out more - CLICK HERE