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New Era (REF 905) (Center table)

1. Inspiration:

The NEW ERA table brings together two distinct styles, in a divergent and shocking conjunction. This prevents any possibility of fusion and rather makes both stand out in a very unique way.

It is a combination of what we know from the past and futuristic lines. The classical elements of the table have a deteriorated look that represents the continued loss of such fine art and style, and contrast with the straight and minimalist lines of nowadays.

The materials used also stress the distance between eras and styles. Polished stainless steel represents the modern/ futuristic era, while hand-carved wood finished with 22K gold leaf stands for a past era

The result is a disruptive functional art piece, a new style, and a new era for design´s aesthetics.

2. Product Dimensions:

General dimensions: W 200cm (78.74"), H 63cm (24.80"), D 85cm (33.46")

Tabletop dimension: H 41cm (16.14")

3. Materials:

Hand-carved solid wood, patinated 22k fine gold leaf, hand-polished stainless steel, MDF structure, mirror top.

Note: All Bessa´s pieces can be customized upon request.