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Elizabeth I (REF 716) (Armchair)

1. Inspiration:

Elizabeth I armchair is one of Bessa´s most distinguished pieces. Worthy of the grandeur of an empire, it is made with the most premium fabrics, hand-carved and finished in 22k gold leaf (patinated). Its unique and imperial look suggests a close relationship with Elizabeth I, one of the most famous queens of England and Ireland. In fact, this art & design armchair is inspired by the Elizabethan era, which was marked by an art renewal movement. We recreated a classical armchair but introduced a radical change with the new back and seat, making the armchair a unique piece of art. The design is also inspired by the queen herself, who was known for a strong, independent and assertive personality. These qualities are transferred to the armchair, which is a standalone piece that does not need any complement to assert its importance in any setting and that ennobles any decor. Elizabeth I armchair is a unique and central piece that might be challenged for its bold design but will always be esteemed and respected just like the Queen.

2. Product Dimensions:

W 98cm (38.58"), H 113cm (44.49"), D 81cm (31.89")

3. Materials:

Hand-carved solid beech wood, Patinated 22k fine gold leaf, Backrest fabric > 61% Cotton/ 39% Silk, Seat > bouclé fabric.

Note: All Bessa´s pieces can be customized upon request.