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Meteor (REF 310) (Wall mirror)

1. Inspiration:

People all-over the world share different beliefs about meteors and meteorites. Every ancient civilization venerated these phenomena and related them to omen, sharing the belief that the meteors are extraordinary. Even today, we allow ourselves to be seduced by the mystery and beauty that surrounds meteors. We have all witnessed, on clear nights, the fleeting passage of a Meteorite. This dazzles us every single time and we keep forever these passionate memories! The meteor mirror is inspired by these unique events, capturing the moment that a meteor hits the earth in the shape of a crater.

2. Product Dimensions:

W 120cm (47.25"), H 120cm (47.25"), D 13cm (5.12")

3. Materials:

Hand-polished stainless steel, high gloss walnut root veneer (in the back), high gloss black lacquered (in the back), mirror.

Note: All Bessa´s pieces can be customized upon request.