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Bessa is a Portuguese Art & Design brand that recovers techniques of craft production to unique pieces. It is exclusive and luxurious home decor.

Bessa brings back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation. A modern interpretation of the classical times. A unique vision of the past. A 'new old'.

Our exclusive work recreates feelings and stories of other times that seek to build a perfect past. A past full of exciting memories, inspiring feelings of nostalgia.

Bessa's mission is to bring into our lives a new concept of decor and interiors' use by designing unique and exclusive pieces that recreates feelings and stories.

Bessa combines the physical and the emotional space in functional pieces that delight the consumer. The pieces are thought to not only be used on a daily basis, but also be pieces of Art & Design created to aggregate in harmony and elegance all kinds of environments.

Bessa intends to be a reference in design all over the world by offering exclusive and luxury home products. Born in Porto's noble ambience, Bessa wants to throw attention into the exclusive products made in Portugal.


Passion for the Past – The past is our best inspiration. In contrast with the standardized current trends the past is exciting and provides us with memories that we do not want to forget.



Bessa's pieces tell a story and have a soul that holds the essence of the past.



The pieces are unique. They are the result of the designer’s and artisan’s commitment and passion for a luxurious past. Each piece is marked by excellence and refinement, taking our imagination on a journey through time and elegant places.



Bessa´s creations are exclusive. They are luxurious author's pieces that can only be found in Bessa. The pieces are designed and handmade just for our brand.

All of our creations are designed to fulfill the requirements of exclusive clients, who demand the best for their lives.



Bessa´s pieces are entirely handmade. We value and bring to life the production techniques that have been forgotten through the years in an industrialized world. It is only possible to transmit passion because each piece is shaped by several experienced craftsmen who seize the challenge of turning the past into the present.

From each of them, from their hands, their love and wisdom come the delicate details that make the perfection of each piece.



The pieces are built with traditional materials and inspired in unique objects. Contemporary design recreates them by combining the traditional techniques with the fantastic possibilities of modern redesign.