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Imaginarium (REF 305) (Mirror)

This piece was inspired by our childish imagination. Perfect worlds full of dreams where we lived such special realities. As children, we imagined and felt things our way: beautiful, comfortable, fulfilling and challenging. This mirror visually summons the nostalgia of such distant world to which we are bound by feelings of belonging that remain alive and very dear. As we look at ourselves in the Imaginarium mirror, we remember old adventures and let ourselves into new and passionate realities. The Imaginarium mirror is a piece of art with a strong visual impact. It astonishes by the reflections and distortions that surround us and seduces by the luxurious frame in carved wood, delimiting the contemporary space of the piece. This conjugation, contrasting in itself, becomes perfect. This is a mirror that summons a unique look, making the piece even more unique.

Materials: Carved wood + gold leaf patina, hand-polished stainless-steel hammered sheet, mdf structure (back) + lacquered iron back structure.

Dimensions: W 130cm (51.19") H 253cm (99.61") D 13cm (5.12")

This piece was showcased in our latest show in Paris, Sept 2019. Find out more - CLICK HERE